Carlton Hill

Right in the city centre, Calton Hill is another must-do of your visit to Edinburgh. It takes about five minutes to get to the top using the main staircase at Regent Road (or alternatively, you can drive up and park there) and it offers a 360 degree stunning view from Edinburgh: the city, the seaside, Arthur’s Seat and the Castle. Its main distinctive spot is the Athenian acropolis and both locals and visitors enjoy crawling up and down its giant steps (maybe with a bit of help!) for an even better view. The construction of the building initiated in 1816 as a memorial to those who died in the Napoleonic Wars, but had to be left unfinished due to the insufficient funds. This is why it was known for a while as “Edinburgh’s Shame”.

Today Calton Hill is the scene of multiple festivals and events, like the Beltane Fire Festival in April or the Samhuinn Fire Festival at Halloween. Check the calendar before you visit Edinburgh and see what’s on!

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